Bald heads are particularly exposed to the UV radiation. If you do not have any hair to provide for at least limited shielding from the sun, your head raises the levels of vulnerability. Therefore, you have to use some few techniques just to make sure that your bald head is totally protected to avoid some of the major skin conditions such as skin cancer. For safety protection, consider using the best sunscreen for bald head on your skin. This can also be effective if you choose to apply some of the best moisturizer for bald head before applying your sunscreen.

Sunscreen for Bald Head

Tips to Get the Sunscreen for Bald Head

In order to ensure that you are sufficiently protected, there are a few things that must consider while looking for the best sunscreen for your bald head. Some of these features include broad-spectrum protection. This means that the sunscreen you are buying should be able to protect you against UVB and UVA. In this case, UVB rays cause your skin to tan or burn which damages the outer layer. With the UVA rays, it penetrates to the deepest layers of your skin. For this reason, best sunscreen for bald head should contain ingredients that protect your skin from the full range of UVA/B.

Also, the best sunscreen for bald head contains the best SPF that gives enough coverage of sun protection. This helps you to stay for long hours in the sun without been burnt. Another important feature for the best sunscreen for bald heads is the amount of chemicals and physical ingredients contained in the product. By this,, I mean that there are two groups of sunscreens, physical and chemical. The best one must be phys9ical since it is able to reflect UV rays that reach your skin. For chemical sunscreen, it absorbs the UV rays as they reach the skin of your scalp which can easily cause some major complications with your skin. Finally, consider buying a sunscreen that is a matte finish. This means that you do not want to apply a sunscreen that shows on your skin the whole day. Best sunscreen for bald heads should be unnoticeable. (more…)